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If you'd like to participate in the *ahem* rapidly growing field of LP-sleeve Analysis, just click here to email your post. The format of contributions is pretty much self-evident from the posts below. Tip: It pays to take your time and contemplate your chosen sleeve for a while - try and resist the urge to just 'burst into print' as it were - it's better to let it ferment (or should that be fester ;) for a while, then fine-tune your submission until it 'reads' just right!
Now let's move on to something a little more 'meaty', to demonstrate that there is indeed more to this 'subliminal' stuff than simply making smart-arse wise-cracks about album sleeves!

Yes, this is a rather interesting one ... because here we have a whole career in music unravelling before your very eyes!

Oh dear!

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 1
  • My first solo LP!
    Pretty risky, going it alone ...
  • Nevertheless, I must break out of my shell sooner or later
  • So anyway - now that I'm a solo artist, what can I do that's like - really radical ...?

    (Note to self: Think of something really really radical ...)

    Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 2
  • I know! I won't put titles on my albums!
  • Now that is PRETTY DAMN RADICAL!
    The cover-art is the title y'see?
  • OK, good concept ...

    (Note to self: Point this out, emphasise this on the second album's artwork hehe ...)

    Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 3
  • Um, this is harder than I expected
  • I'm starting to see why people put titles on things now ...
  • Still, finish what you started, that's what I say - soldier on and all that ...

    (Note to self: er, I think I could be having some kind of mental meltdown ...)

    Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel 4
  • Oh no, it's all going horribly horribly wrong!
  • I seem to be losing my identity ...!
  • I'm not Peter Gabriel anymore - my albums are! (Note to whoever I am: aaaagh!)
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    Anonymous said...

    Peter Gabriel 4 one made me chuckle.