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If you'd like to participate in the *ahem* rapidly growing field of LP-sleeve Analysis, just click here to email your post. The format of contributions is pretty much self-evident from the posts below. Tip: It pays to take your time and contemplate your chosen sleeve for a while - try and resist the urge to just 'burst into print' as it were - it's better to let it ferment (or should that be fester ;) for a while, then fine-tune your submission until it 'reads' just right!
Of course, it's not just the guys who fall victim to devolutionary processes ... take Mary Hopkin ... after winning a TV talent contest in the early 1970's, her air of angelic innocence became as captivating to the UK public as did Princess Di a decade later. Mary was quickly snapped up by Paul McCartney for The Beatle's fledgling Apple record label, and he went on to pen the No.1 hit "Those Were The Days" as her debut recording ...

... but sadly, the corrosive effects of a life in the showbiz fast-lane would soon take it's toll on the young singer ...

Those were the days indeed - still, that's the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll for you, eh ;)

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