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The sleeve of Man's 1974 album 'Slow Motion' got them into a lot of legal hot water with the publishers of lampooning magazine MAD ... for um, lampooning the magazine's logo! The blatant double-standard on the part of MAD caused quite a stink at the time - the fact that a magazine that made a living out of ridiculing other people's creative efforts, apparently wouldn't tolerate being the target of satire itself!

At the bottom of this post is the original sleeve for 'Slow Motion' - withdrawn when MAD magazine got er, mad. And below is the severely 'madified' final version - one the magazine accepted once they realised their lack of good-humour was not, y'know - a good look - all things considered haha!

So, here's our take on the situation, in the style of those famous MAD magazine rear covers - Remember? Where you had to fold the cover in on itself to see the true meaning of the picture ...

Man - Slow Motion
  • This album sleeve is greatly over-rated ...
  • The band were clearly inspired by MAD, but backed down for legal reasons ...
  • I plan to acquire more copies and flick them at the band at their next gig!
  • Hopefully I will cut a few heads off with some lucky shots from the front row! Yep, a compromising album like this soon turns you into a slobbering mad man fan!
  • Withdrawn sleeve:

    There is a detailed account of the whole saga, with many illustrations ... here.

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