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If you'd like to participate in the *ahem* rapidly growing field of LP-sleeve Analysis, just click here to email your post. The format of contributions is pretty much self-evident from the posts below. Tip: It pays to take your time and contemplate your chosen sleeve for a while - try and resist the urge to just 'burst into print' as it were - it's better to let it ferment (or should that be fester ;) for a while, then fine-tune your submission until it 'reads' just right!
Some artists will go to great lengths to repackage themselves, especially if they're getting a bit past their 'use-by' date ... here we can see aging 1950's singing star Shirley Bassey even 'disguising' her name as part of an effort to head off newly-emerging competition from the likes of Sandie Shaw, Cilla Black and Lulu ...

Shirley Bassey - 12 Of Those Songs
  • This album is by a cute 1960s starlet (not)
  • You can read her name on the sleeve (not)
  • The music is swinging 1960s pop (not)
  • The sleeve will fool casual browsers into buying the LP (not)

  • ... another female who supposedly enjoyed daubing walls with lipstick-coloured paint was New Zealand's very own Tina Cross - though you could say she looks a Tina-weensy bit dubious about the whole thing ... 

    Tina Cross - Tina X
  • er, not sure about this guys - doncha think it's posed a bit like I've climbed down from a crucifix ...?
  • or is that X meant to be a kiss ...?
  • oh, I see - it's a cross - like in my name.
  • Well, ha-blardy-ha - jeez, are we actually paying you for this ...?
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