Contributions Welcome!

If you'd like to participate in the *ahem* rapidly growing field of LP-sleeve Analysis, just click here to email your post. The format of contributions is pretty much self-evident from the posts below. Tip: It pays to take your time and contemplate your chosen sleeve for a while - try and resist the urge to just 'burst into print' as it were - it's better to let it ferment (or should that be fester ;) for a while, then fine-tune your submission until it 'reads' just right!

We'll begin with a well-known sleeve that introduces the concept of subliminal messages rather nicely ... and by way of introduction I've included the 'rationale' for my interpretations in parentheses.

But typically, if an interpretation has to be 'explained' like this then it is almost certainly wrong ... but this sleeve lends itself rather well to such an approach, so it's a darned good one to start with!

Beatles - Let It Be
  • The Beatles are splitting up, isn't that sad boo-hoo ... (a black background, and separate photos)
  • ... and it's all Paul's fault (the others are turned away from him)
  • ... and we're splitting cos we've all become way too cerebral for this stupid pop music lark ... (hairy intellectual heads only, no body shots)
  • ... so, get over it girls (in other words, Let It Be)
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