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If you'd like to participate in the *ahem* rapidly growing field of LP-sleeve Analysis, just click here to email your post. The format of contributions is pretty much self-evident from the posts below. Tip: It pays to take your time and contemplate your chosen sleeve for a while - try and resist the urge to just 'burst into print' as it were - it's better to let it ferment (or should that be fester ;) for a while, then fine-tune your submission until it 'reads' just right!

Brian Eno - Music For Airports
(tracks are untitled, only numbered)

  • I spy with my little eye somewhere beginning with T
  • nameless sound-tracks trickle downhill into a void
  • Synthesizer Programming Project #1

    VAR PRINT(JPG) sleeve; wallpaper_design; abstracted_landscape;
    VAR PLAY(MP3) ambient; musical_wallpaper; soundscape;
    VAR INCOME($$$) album;
    IF ambient = musical_wallpaper THEN sleeve = wallpaper_design
    IF ambient(TRUE) THEN album = (abstracted_landscape + soundscape)

    #MSG ERROR TYPE MISMATCH: value assigned 'album' not type INCOME($$$)

  • Bugger!!!

  • Brian Eno - Music For Films
  • OK then, next release. Remember minimalism, simplicity ...
  • Synthesizer Programming Project #2
    IF ambient(TRUE) THEN sleeve(FALSE)
  • Yes!!! I spy with my little eye something beginning with tea ...

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