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George was perceived as the quiet thoughtful Beatle - the mystic - a perception he seemed happy to cultivate after The Beatles split ...

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
  • Ah yes, peaceful contemplation of a garden. Or else that showbiz circus ... pah!
  • For verily I say unto you, all is transient - even The Beatles!
  • Now let me alone awhile, perchance to meditate ...
    Behold, there is a beetle in my garden!
  • *thinks* Hmm, that's deep. Heck, that's very deep!

  • George was also the youngest Beatle by a couple of years - a big difference when you're a teenager - and the other Beatles tended to treat him as a kind of junior member, a bit of a 'newb' if you like. One consequence was that his songs were mostly passed over in favour of Lennon/McCartney compositions, thus at the time of the split he had a considerable backlog of unrecorded material. Still, he went on to have the first solo Beatle No.1 hit, with the entirely appropiate (for George) "My Sweet Lord".
    yollie pointed out "Just wanted to say ... he looks like he is passing something himself!" Hmm yes yollie, now that you mention it ... as a "Seeker after Truth" maybe George should've called the album ...

    George Harrison - All Things Must Piss
  • B'room brr'oom! *thinks* ... and amazing George knocks Lennon and McCartney off the track, with a triple album and the first No.1 single!!!
  • So guys, my songs weren't good enough eh ... well at least my new band look up to me.
  • *thinks* ... that''ll show 'em hehe.

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